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The Conteliga tool solution consists of different complementary and fully integrated components supporting perfectly the rollout of a GRC project. The components are linked to the implementation strategy and helps project managers and sponsors to obtain the necessary visibility and comprehension of the often underestimated complexity of such projects. The Conteliga product family is fully integrated in SAP and provides considerable advantages concerning risk preventive strategies. Experience showed that risk prevention is a key element of a cost effective control framework. It is possible to use Conteliga products in parallel to other GRC solutions in order to minimize costs for compliance and to maximize automation of controls.

Conteliga Control Simulator

Overview The Conteliga Control Simulator is the backbone of the Conteliga product family and part of the control implementation phase. It delivers the baseline concept including ownership models, controls repositories and control simulations. The Conteliga Control Simulator generates immediate out of the box simulation results for the main controls without the necessity of implementing or transporting in SAP. Such simulation results lead to realistic estimations for GRC projects and facilitate immediate risk mitigation in very short time. The Conteliga Control Simulator reduces costs by eliminating the creation of manual reports, automating audit preparations and monitoring compliance critical controls. Benefits - Out-of-the-box simulation for segregation of conflicts of duties on role and user level - Out-of-the-box simulation and monitoring of general computing controls - Out-of-the-box simulation and monitoring of sensitive user access - Out-of-the-box simulation and monitoring of SAP configuration setting controls - Cross-application rule definition and simulation - Enforcement of password policies - Changes on locked and sensitive transactions monitoring?? - Baseline definitions and audit trail on baseline settings - Alert engine?? considering ownership models - Visibility of? transaction assignments

Conteliga Design Controller

Overview The Conteliga Design Controller is part of the control implementation phase and enables risk prevention strategies for development objects controlling like roles, SAP programs and transactions. It is an ideal counterpart to the Control Simulator providing risk detection strategies. The Conteliga Design Controller formalizes individual naming conventions for all development objects and defines rules for the role creation considering e.g. SoD simulations results or the criticality of ABAP code. Incompliant development objects are systematically blocked for any SAP transport within all SAP applications. The Conteliga Design Controller reduces costs by automating compliances at design time, increasing quality of SAP production transports and preventing the creation of risks. Prevention strategies are a key element of a cost effective control framework. Benefits - Naming convention control on all development objects like roles, programs and transactions - Role definition control at design time considering SoD simulation results and defined conventions - Change history and audit trace for development objects - SAP transport blocking in case of inconsistencies in naming convention or design rules - Automatic analysis of ABAP code - Report of critical customized transactions / programs

Conteliga License Optimizer

Overview The Conteliga License Optimizer is part of the control implementation phase and supports reverse business engineering activities as well as license optimization calculations. The Conteliga License Optimizer analyses user activity with focus on role and transaction level in the SAP production environment. The analysis result enables optimization of roles by removing not used transactions, and of business processes by redefining responsibilities in business departments. This product supports also the comparison and monitoring of the SAP license contract considering the real SAP usage. The Conteliga Design Controller reduces operation costs by minimizing SAP license costs and supports preventive risk management by optimizing the role model and SAP processes. Benefits - User tracking and historical transaction usage - Report of unused transactions / accounts - Analysis of SAP License optimization potentials

Conteliga User Provisioner

Overview The Conteliga User Provisioner is part of the automation phase and a best practice approval workflow for the creation of user access in a cross application environment. The Conteliga User Provisioner supports individual organizational roles like requestors, process owners or approvers. The identifications of system roles for the user access creation is supported via transaction search or via copying the role assignment of other users. It is possible to consider SoD simulation results and to trigger compensating control workflows in case of unavoidable conflicts on user level. The Conteliga User Provisioner reduces significantly costs for user provisioning by automatic control analysis and fastens the access creation process by a transparent workflow based approver model. Benefits - Centralized and automated user provisioning - Support of cross-application (customizing (customizable?) for Oracle applications) - Possible Integration of control simulations - Audit trace - Self Service Password reset

Conteliga Privilege Manager

Overview The Conteliga Privilege Manager is part of the automation phase and a best practice solution for the compliant management of extended user access provisioning and monitoring. The Conteliga Privilege Manager provides emergency roles for extended user access for pre-defined users. Via self-service users assign emergency roles. They are automatically traced and an audit log is created highlighting the use of critical transactions. The advantage of this approach is that there are no dedicated emergence user_IDs necessary, emergency access can be granted for more users in parallel and changes are traced on user level. The Conteliga Privilege Manager reduces costs for extended user access management, automates the audit preparation and increases the capability of fraud prevention. Benefits - Compliant self service extended user access workflow (da fehlt irgendwas...) - Creating a user trace - Approval and information workflow - Highlighting the use of critical transactions, profiles

Conteliga Control Automat

Overview The Conteliga Control Automat is part of the automation phase and offers best practice workflows for the automation of day-to-day responsibilities for process owners. The Conteliga Control Automat provides a workflow for the implementation of compensating controls, e.g. in the user provisioning. The execution of these controls is monitored; an emergency process in case of non-execution can be triggered. Different workflows for regular approvals and reviews like for the user assignment or the changes on rule-sets are available. The Conteliga Control Automat reduces costs in the daily business and supports process responsible to focus on real risks and control failures. Benefits - Repository of existing workflows for - Automation of the implementation of compensating controls - Execution monitoring - Yearly reviews and approvals - Alerts in case of control failures

Conteliga Workflow Designer

Overview The Conteliga Workflow Designer is part of the automation phase and delivers a fully SAP integrated Workflow and Determination Engine. The Conteliga Workflow Designer enables the possibility to define and implement individual workflows for process controls or master data quality assurance. It can also be used to facilitate day-to-day processes like invoice approval. This tool is a perfect counterpart to the Privilege Manager to fully automate fraud and mistake prevention, also with extended user access. The Conteliga Workflow Designer reduces costs by automating business processes and improving the quality assurance by implementing individual workflow and automating customizable quality checks. Benefits - Design of individual customizable workflows - Workflow and Determination Engine - Support of SAP cross-application workflows (klingt irgendwie komisch...) - Support of ownership models - Support of evidence management - Reduction of fraud and mistakes

Conteliga Change Manager

Overview The Conteliga Change Manager is part of the automation phase and provides a workflow-based solution for supporting SAP change management. The Conteliga Change Manager formalizes the development, testing and transporting of SAP ABAP developments or SAP customizing. Relevant change request documents like specifications, test cases and user approvals are tracked. Critical transport sequence errors or parallel developments on the same development object are avoided. The Conteliga Change Manager reduces costs for the SAP change management and increases quality insurances for critical SAP processes. Benefits - Approval workflow for SAP production transports - Audit trail and audit history of all relevant change request documents - Avoidance of transport sequence errors - Locking of critical object monitoring (extended lock concept)

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